L’amour et la révolution


5 years after Let’s not live like slaves*, 3 years after I fight therefore I am** and after 15 months of filming and preparation.


This is a "long" trailer, as usual : always more than ten minutes, and this time fifteen, as a prelude. In a few days, we will also be offering a one-minute teaser, especially for movie theaters.

Thank you for sharing : given our distant relationship with the power and tits media, the future of this film rests entirely on you, as fwith previous films. We rely on your word of mouth. Especially since you will find in this trailer several topics that are particularly important to make known, as you will see. Once is not a custom : contrary to what you are told, everything is far from over in Greece !

The practical information is at the end of the trailer. The musicians and other friends who participated are also on the poster.

A huge thank you to those who have supported us, whatever the form.

Maud, Yannis and the whole crew of the third movie

* Let’s not live like slaves (2013) :
** I fight therefore I am (2015) :

Summary :
"The media no longer talk about Greece, suggesting that the austerity cure has been successful and that peace has returned. This film proves the opposite. A musical journey, from the north to the south of Greece, among those who dream of love and revolution. "

Mini technical sheet :
Title : "LOVE AND REVOLUTION" / Subtitle : "No, nothing is over in Greece"
Duration : 1h17. VF-VOSTF / Release : February 2018
Mediums : DCP, DVD, Blu-ray and MP4
Distribution and programming of screenings : Maud and ANEPOS
Phone number : +33 618 268 495 / E-mail : maud@lamouretlarevolution.net
Non-profit film licensed under Creative Commons 3 (in support of self-directed solidarity initiatives)
Director, screenplay : Yannis Youlountas / Editing : Maud and Yannis Youlountas
Pictures : Maud and Yannis Youlountas, Kinimatini and Perseus, Cyril and Nathalie M.
Sound mixing and calibration : Cradle of another world / Website, computer : Minga
Poster, photos : Mario Lolos, Yannis C., Maud and Yannis Youlountas
Music : Villagers of Ioannina City, Kinimatini, Léo Ferré, Killah P, Jean-François Brient, Julien Deguines, Achab, Lefteris Panagiotakis, Jack of Heart, Sid, Christian Leduc, Batras

Film-maker :
Yannis Youlountas, a Franco-Greek author and film-maker, is also the organizer of philosophical debates for children, criticising the formation of media influenced opinions. Since 2008, He has been participating in the events in Greece, reporting them in his articles, photos, books and films, while also organising actions and solidarity convoys. In 2013, his film Let’s not live like slaves carried the word of the Greek social movement to all the continents, followed, two years later, by his film I fight therefore I am.

Lire en français ici / Για να διαβάσετε στα ελληνικά εδώ

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